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Your gut consists of a unique and vast ecosystem of microorganisms; the gut microbiome. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi thrive here and they are specialized in coexisting with you. Jointly they perform a variety of tasks that remarkably influence the health and wellbeing of their host - you.

In the past, little attention has been paid to the gut microbiome but this new booming scientific field suggests the role of the microbiome as a means to prevent, predict and treat conditions in the bowel and other parts of the human body.

Understanding, maintaining, and optimizing your highly individual gut microbiome is the future for good health, wellbeing, and body performance.


How to take the sample  



Our test-kits are all preparred and linked directly to your personal profile, and delivered directly to you 


Before taking the test, we need you to complete our survey and log your diet  


Our collection kit contains liqiud that preserve your stool and the bacteria within on its way to the laboratory



Know your Microbiome

Most organisms in your microbiome are not to be feared; rather embraced. In fact, the cells in our bodies are actually slightly outnumbered by the amount of microbial cells. Most of these are bacteria but some are also archaea, fungi, and other single-celled organisms. Almost all of them live in the digestive system, and are crucial for the human being and a healthy gut microbiome.

You will get a thorough understanding of which beneficial, non-beneficial and harmful bacteria reside in your gut, you will be able to compare your bacteria level to a healthy reference group, and see our unique visualisation of your gut microbiome.



What's your richness?

When it comes to the number - or richness - of microbes residing in your gut the more the merrier is a good rule of thumb. This means that a low number of microbes is considered less healthy than a high number.

With your Digital Gut™ you will get to know the richness of microbes and all the individual species that are present in your gut. Furthermore, you will learn about your richness level (i.e. below or above average) and receive a visualization of your microbes compared to others.


Do you have a gut in balance?

Keeping your balance can be difficult, especially when you cannot see the status quo. Try to imagine your gut being a forest with 90 animals. If there are 88 red deer, 1 elk, and 1 fallow deer the distribution is not balanced. Then imagine a situation where the forest has 30 red deer, 30 elks, and 30 fallow deer. While this distribution is unrealistically even, the equilibrium is likely closer to this than to the previous distribution.

With your Digital Gut™ you will be able so see the distribution and evenness of the microbes that live in your gut. You will be able to gain a thourough understanding of your gut health and its balance. 



It's super easy...

These are the steps to go through to create your very own Digital Gut. You will take care of the first two steps, and we will handle the rest.

In order for you to get the most accurate result we ask you to log your diet for five consecutive days followed by taking the stool sample on the sixth day.