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Digital Gut - Sample Kit

Digital Gut - Sample Kit

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Inklusive moms.

With this one time sample of your feces you will get a first insight into your microbiome and lay the foundation of your digital gut.

You will get

  • Our first fecal sample test kit. If possible take the test when you are feeling good and have a “normal” gut.
  • Deep DNA sequencing analysis of your gut microbes to provide the best data.
  • Your personal microbial “starmap” after analysis.
  • Microbial biosis status - Richness and Diversity.
  • A dynamic product that we update as our development progresses.
  • A dynamic product benefitting from both present and future scientific discoveries. We keep your results up-to-date with the latest scientific conclusions.

Important: As this is a pilot for an advanced system we ask for your patience. We expect a delivery time of 10 weeks until everything gets ready.

For more information, please see unseenbio.com.