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Shit for brains

Data has become the raw material of the future. It can be used for great discovery and progress, but also for misuse. It is no different for Unseen Bio as health data is the platform for our development and value creation, but we put our users in the center of everything and their trust are paramount. 

We have created "Shit for brains" were our users help to develop the solutions for the future. When you provide us with metadata, data collection and biological samples we can correlate data in new ways and hopefully create new knowledge. This knowledge will help Unseen Bio to:

  • Improve health and wellbeing for our customers
  • Be the mass market link to the emerging field of gut microbiome science
  • Contribute to knowledge creation within the science field of gut microbiome

In return we promise to handle your data with care and under full GDPR-compliance.

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