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A big pile of knowledge

Poo is not waste. It is a massive source of knowledge. In recent years scientist has revealed that the content of feces has enormous potential to tell us about of our health. 

Feces is made of different ingredients and gut bacteria is a major one. The bacteria in the feces are a screenshot of the bacteria present inside the gut.  

Gut bacteria are external living organisms specialized in living inside our intestines and working together with us and sometimes also against us. We have a lot of gut bacteria! There are more bacteria in one gram of poo than there are humans on the earth and the weight per human is 1 to 2 kilos.  

Different bacteria have different functions. One type of bacteria helps to digest meat, another type produces vitamin and a third type might protect against a disease etc. Scientists all agree on the potential in a deeper understanding of gut bacteria potentially can be used for preventing and treat diseases.

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